Is your home fitting your needs?

Does your home fit the purposes you need it to? Is it cluttered? Do you have a calm space to work from? Does it cause you stress from the chaos? Are you ashamed to bring others over? Are you thinking of selling?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Are you living in an outdated room/home because the thought of redoing it is overwhelming and you don’t know where to start?


Is the thought of getting your home ready for a sale overwhelming to you because you’re too busy and staging it isn’t your thing and you really want it to sell quickly?

Are you wanting to update your home using color, but the thought of choosing color overwhelms you? Perhaps you’ve tried many times to get the color correct and failed!


I LOVE helping others create a space that reflects them!

Being able to see the potential of a space is something I love to do; creativity is part of my DNA, and knowing that everyone has a unique design fingerprint means that no two spaces are designed alike.

Here's how we can make
magic together!


Whether you want a quick 90-minute makeover, a move-in furniture plan for a new home, or a kitchen/bath update plan or design, we can work together to make it happen!

Bednar First Kitchen Remodel
Occupied Home Staging After

Occupied Staging Services

When selling your home, even though your home reflects your personality, for a potential buyer, that could become a stumbling block. I see SO many improperly prepared homes.

I’m here to help you get top dollar on the price of your home and multiple offers so you won’t need to see a price reduction. Let’s get you staged properly!

Color Consultations

Choosing paint colors is so individual, and so difficult to do because of so many factors. I use a 6-step color read process to provide you with the right paint color scheme whether its for 1 room or the whole house. 

Paint Finish Gallery

It's so easy to do business with's how:


Book Your Call

On our initial phone call together, you’ll answer some questions so I can  help determine the service you need. Then a date is set for an in-person walk-through and assessment appointment.



The walk-through assessment usually takes about 60-90 minutes.

“BEFORE” photos and measurements are taken of your space.



A proposal will be written up, which will be emailed to you for your approval. More detailed info will be available at this stage.

Kind words from clients

"Dave and I both REALLY LIKE what you did to our was a major already made a HUGE positive change".