I LOVE DESIGN...it's always been a passion of mine!

I love to enter into a space and see the potential of it! To work alongside the owner or seller and delve into their lifestyle, dreams and wishes of the space…that’s when the magic happens.

A little bit about me

I’m not just like any other designer….

My love for interior design started when I was young. Fitting 13 of my family members in one large farmhouse was nothing short of a miracle. Schedules, organization and creativity played a huge part of our lives. We had 4 girls in one bedroom, 4 girls in the other and 3 boys in another. As children, we made our own paper dolls and their respective homes by cutting them out of the department store catalogs. My older brother taught me how to draw floor plans and I would spend hours doing it. Since money was short, sewing my own clothes or eventually items for my homes after marriage was integral to copying looks out of the latest home magazine.

For years I put my dreams on hold, creating beautiful spaces in my own home, or helping friends with theirs. 

Now it’s time for those dreams to be realized by helping you with yours…if you’re ready. Let’s get started!

some fun facts about me!


Living with 10 other siblings in one large house with limited tv allowed us to be totally creative in our play. We spent a ton of time outdoors, and I always had someone to play or fight with.


Camping is my happy place, along with hiking. Textures in nature intrigue me. Being outdoors is very calming and soothing to my soul.


I love learning! If I don’t know how to do something, I’ll read a book, take a class, or watch a video.

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Kind words from clients

"Dave and I both REALLY LIKE what you did to our basement...it was a major improvement...you already made a HUGE positive change".